National Trademark Registration

Since Lithuania is a contracting party to the Paris Convention applications with the Convention priority are allowed, provided priority is claimed not later than within 6 months from the filing date in a foreign country. An applicant may file a Lithuanian application for a broader list of goods and services, than that in the foreign priority application, then the mark will have two priority dates in relation to two specifications.
We handle marks at all steps of their registration and maintenance. In a normal course the registration procedure includes the following steps:

In case registration of the mark encounters some obstacles other steps may include:

The national Trademark Law does not establish any time limits for examination of marks, however currently this period is normally about 6- 10 months. Provided the mark does not encounter any obstacles, the time from filing to obtaining the Registration Certificate currently comprises about 12-18 months.
The documents and data required for filing a national application in Lithuania:

The period of the first registration validity is 10 years. Renewal for another 10-year period may be obtained within the last year of the current validity period. A 6-month extension is allowed, however in this case the official fee is increased by 50%.

Foreign applicants not having a place of residence in the European Community will have to appoint a local representative.

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