Recordal of licenses, assignments, changes

With regard to third persons License (Sub-License) and Assignment Agreements/Deeds become valid in the territory of Lithuania from the date of their recordal with the Lithuanian SPB, the latter being the date of entering the new data into the SPB register. The period for obtaining such a recordal is not limited.

The Law on Patents contains special provisions on compulsory patent licensing and licensing of patent rights.

For recordal of licenses and assignments against national patents, designs and /or trademarks there should be submitted the following documents:

For recordal of licenses or assignment deeds against trademarks instead of a notarised copy of the original agreement (or an extract from the agreement) there may be submitted a Transfer/Assignment Document or a Declaration of License executed on the Forms, provided by the Lithuanian SPB. The advantage of such documents is no need to obtain notarisation and translation of the original documents, which saves extra time and financial expenses.
For recordal of change of the applicant's name or address the holder of a patent or a trademark/ design registration will have to submit:

The official fees for the above-listed recordals are comparatively moderate, however it is worth knowing that the Lithuanian SPB does not issue any documents in proof of the recordal obtained, the only official proof being a relevant publication in the Official Bulletin. In case an official document is required there may be ordered an Extract from the Register: either simultaneously with filing a request for the recordal, or whenever it is actually required.

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