National Patenting Procedure

The documents required for filing a national application include:

Lithuania is a party to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, consequently it is possible to file a national application claiming priority as provided by the said Convention. The Convention priority may be claimed within 12 months from the application filing date in a foreign country.
The period of patenting (from filing to granting a patent) is 10-14 months.

The maximum term of a Lithuanian patent is 20 years, provided annuities are paid in due time (within the last two months of the current year). A
6-months extension of the period for payment is allowed, however the official fee in this case is increased by 50%.

The law currently in force also envisages grant of supplementary protection certificates (SPC) for patents covering active ingredients of a medicine and active substances of a plant protection product. To file a request for a SPC it is necessary to pay a corresping fee and submit a copy of the first authorisation to place a medicine or a plant protection product on the market.


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