Validation/Extension of European Patents

A European patent filed under the European Patent Convention may be extended to/validated in Lithuania within 3 months after the EPO publication of grant of patent.

From the day of entry into force of the European Patent Convention in the Republic of Lithuania, an international patent application designating or electing the Republic of Lithuania pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 45 of the Patent Cooperation Treaty shall be deemed to be a European patent application.

After Lithuania's joining the EPC applications for EP can be filed through the Lithuanian State Patent Bureau except for extension of PCT to European patents.

Documents for filing an application for extension/validation of European patents in Lithuania:

Your local patent attorney would also like to obtain the full description of the invention to be able to study it and verify the translation of the claims; as well as copies of EPO notifications and replies to them in accordance with rule 51(4) and copies of EPO notifications about grant of European patent and publication in accordance with rule 97(2) EPC.


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