We are a full-service agency providing our clients with a broad range of services connected with the IP objects protectable in Lithuania, namely:

1. inventions (patents);
2. designs;
3. trade and service marks;
4. trade names;
5. topographies of semiconductor products
6. copyright and related rights.

Inventions, trade and service marks, designs, topographies of semiconductor products are subject to registration with the Lithuanian State Patent Bureau (SPB).

To ensure continuous and reliable protection of their IP we assist our clients at all steps of obtaining, maintaining and protection of these rights. Our services include but are not limited to:

In fact, the legislative basis and practice of IP protection in Lithuania is harmonized with the European legislation and case-law, however there are certain aspects the knowledge of which might be very useful to those who seek protection of their IP in Lithuania or for IP professionals in other countries. To make your way to Lithuania easier we would like to give you some hints, some sort of introduction into our system of IP protection. If on our website you do not find answers to some questions of yours, you are welcome to apply to us at any time and we will do our best to advise you on a particular matter and help you to avoid possible pitfalls. Be sure that our advice is always based on the knowledge, skills, long-time experience and continuous practice of our professionals.

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