Protection of designs in Lithuania may be obtained through:

Community designs became valid in Lithuania starting with May 1, 2004. Community designs filed before that date were automatically extended to LT.

The duration of a national registration is 5 years from the filing date; the registration may be renewed 4 times, the maximum term being 25 years.

The documents and data required for filing a national application:

During the ex-officio examination Lithuanian examiners do not check designs against the novelty criterion. Lack of novelty may be a ground for invalidation of a design registration on the initiative of a third person either in an opposition or in a court proceeding (after grant of certificate).

Registration of a national design may be opposed within 3 months from the date of publication. To be able not to miss the period for opposing holders of earlier rights have to keep a constant watch at the new publications. If the holder of senior rights misses this opportunity he will be able to seek cancellation of the design only by initiating a court action. Earlier rights include Lithuanian designs (formerly "industrial designs), Community Designs (registered and unregistered), trademarks, copyright.

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