Availability searches and watching
(Trademarks and Designs)

We conduct searches for:

The search and watching processes are computer-aided, however in certain cases in order to ensure the accuracy of the results we have to conduct a manual search as well.
When assessing the level of similarity of marks we compare them against all the criteria for similarity, consequently for word marks we conduct a search for phonetic equivalents, semantic equivalents and synonyms in various languages known to Lithuanian consumers.
The attorney's opinion of availability for use and registration of a mark in question is based on the profound knowledge of the law and its application by the Court and the SPB Appeal Board.
Since the SPB examiners do not check marks against prior rights a constant watching is of a particular importance. In fact, an early detection of a conflicting mark facilitates settlement of a potential conflict avoiding considerable expenses for opposing or seeking cancellation of a mark before the court.


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